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STAFF:  September 2020 – June 2021

Principal:  Mme Suzanne Cameron

Vice Principal:  Ms. Carly Eirikson

Kindergarten Ms. Kerr Library Ms. Thomas
Kindergarten Ms. Strachan Music (T-F) Ms. Siddall
Kindergarten Ms. Munroe Indigenous Worker (W)
Kindergarten EFI Mme DeChamplain Counsellor Ms. DiFrancesco
Grade Ms. Marthold Speech & Language Ms. Sasges
Grade Ms. Loewe CYCW (T,F)
Grade EFI Mme Tremblay Secretary Mrs. Serraglio
Grade EFI M. Lecavalier Secretary Mrs. Dyrndahl
Grade Ms. Zivarts Education Assistant Ms. Dean
Grade (T,Th,F) Ms. Fong Education Assistant Mr. Hodgson
Grade (M-W) Ms. Warkentin Education Assistant Ms. Wong
Grade Ms. Poelzer Education Assistant Ms. Knodel
Grade Ms. Sebestyen
Grade Ms. Nottingham Education Assistant Ms. Palmer
Grade Ms. Hans Al-Ashkar Education Assistant Ms. Ratcliff
Grade EFI Mme Louis-Charles Education Assistant Ms. Rossiter
Grade (M-W) Ms. Neufeld Education Assistant Ms. Sundberg
Grade EFI Ms. Farmer Education Assistant Ms. Khatri
Education Assistant Ms. Umaralieva
Grade Ms. Gabiniewicz
Grade (M,W-F) Ms. Deitcher Settlement Worker Ms. Arakelian
Resource Ms. Boldisova
Grade EFI Mme Roy Resource Mr. Peacock
Grade EFI Mme Lachance Resource Mme Viragh
Grade Mr. Winpenny
Grade Ms. Grubb

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