School Procedures


The “Phone Home Program” is designed to ensure the safe arrival of all students. When attendance is taken by the classroom teacher, the office is notified of any student who is absent without prior notification. If the office is unaware of the absence the school will phone to confirm the child’s whereabouts. When a student is expected to be away from school, it is important that the office be notified of the child’s name, teacher’s name and expected time of return and the reason for the absence by calling 604-517-6030. If a student arrives late, either morning or afternoon, a late slip must be obtained from the office before going to the classroom. This helps us eliminate unnecessary and sometimes upsetting phone calls to parents. These precautions are all part of the safety routine at the school.

Signing in at the Office:

Visitors to Herbert Spencer, including parents, should let the office know of their presence. As well, any unusual persons, conditions or events noticed by students, parents or staff should also be reported and will be followed up on. For the safety of all, visitors must check with the office.

Traffic Safety:

Crossing guards are provided at the intersections of Sixth Avenue and Second Street, and Eighth Avenue and Second Street. Students are expected to obey their direction and of course we hope parents would lead by example. Parents picking up and dropping off their children are reminded to respect the designated Handicapped parking spots on Second Street and on Princess. Some of our students rely on these areas being available in order to access the school. Drivers are also asked to heed the lower speed zone and respect crossing guards helping students to cross.

Dogs at School:

While we appreciate that the majority of dogs that visit our school are well behaved and normally pose no threat, we also recognize that any dog in the wrong situation can become aggressive or protective. We also realize that many of the dogs we see are very much a part of a close family and may be used to the children in their household.

Unfortunately, the school grounds, particularly before and after school, can be a very noisy, busy and confusing place for a dog. Many children are fearful of dogs, no matter what size!

We all want school to be a safe and comfortable environment and therefore the School District has a Policy (911.0) requiring that animals remain off school grounds. Please do not tie your dogs to poles or trees on the boulevard and leave them unattended. Unfortunately we have had avoidable accidents where children have been bitten. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Lost and Found:

An incredible number of lost or misplaced articles are turned in each year and never claimed by the owner. Parents are welcome to visit the Lost and Found at any time, however, please remember to sign in at the office.

Classroom Interruptions:

In order to support the best possible learning environment for the students, interruptions during class times are kept to a minimum. If your child has forgotten a lunch or other article, we will let him or her know to come to the office for the message. We encourage the use of the student planner to keep organized and learn to plan ahead.


All students are requested to remain outside until the 8:50 a.m. bell. It is suggested that students do not arrive too early as there is no supervision. At recess and lunch, supervision is provided by teachers and/or support staff. Any after-school arrangements should be made well in advance so the students may clear the grounds as quickly as possible, there is no after school supervision. Please let us know as soon as possible if extenuating circumstances will cause you to be late in picking up your child and we will make every effort to ensure his/her safety.

Rainy Days:

Please be sure your children arrive at school dressed for the weather! In all but the worst weather we observe outside recess and lunch. Boots, jackets, mitts and toques are all appreciated!