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School Supply Lists

Please follow the links below to see our 2021/22 School Supply Lists


***Please note – purchasing supplies through Creative Children is optional.  Should you choose to purchase supplies elsewhere, please use the list on the Creative Children order form.***


Ordering a Creative Pack

Your student(s) Creative Packs can be ordered ONLINE @


Part A: Creative pack with items chosen by your teacher/school.

This comes as a package deal with all items listed included.  Items cannot be changed, substituted, or omitted.


Part C: Items are optional – if you would like items in Part C you must order at the SAME TIME as Part A. You cannot come back to the website and order Part C items separately.



Payment types accepted are VISA, MasterCard, Prepaid VISA or Prepaid MasterCard.


Ordering Deadlines

Creative Packs may be ordered up until Sunday July 4th, 2021, with free shipping to the school.

Creative Pack order after Sunday July 4th, 2021, will be charged $10.65 for home delivery.

Creative Packs ordered after Monday August 2nd, 2021, will be charged $14.00 for home delivery.


Receiving a Creative Pack (for orders shipped to Herbert Spencer Elementary School)

Packs will be distributed by the school in early September 2021.


Receiving a Creative Pack (for orders shipped to your home)

Orders are sent by Canada Post.  You will receive an email with a hyperlink and tracking number.

Orders may be tracked 24 hours after they are processed by Canada Post.

Each Creative Pack is a separate order and is shipped separately.

Orders cannot be picked up at our warehouse.



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